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Enhancing our Contribution to Customer Service

In October 2018, we welcomed Pareto Law to our Gloucester head office to help our sales team members enhance their contribution to customer service and care, at Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets.


Members of our teams from Gloucester attended, but we also welcomed members from our branch network of locations in Birmingham, Leeds and Durham to join us. The aim was to emphasise the sales techinques they've gained in the many years they've all working for Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets, but to also learn to help quieries from their customers and those who contact us for support.


We will again be welcoming Pareto Law back to our Gloucester headquarters for future sessions and for the other members of our teams. 


We are commited to the devlopement of all of our staff, across the many departments and areas that make up Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets. This can be seen in our Apprenticeship Scheme. As a company, we have had various apprentices over the years. However, in 2010, we officially launched our apprenticeship scheme, with a commitment of employing at least 2 apprentices per year. The scheme complements the company’s commitment to developing highly skilled and loyal employees, by supporting their learning and nurturing their talent.