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Important Information on Contamination Control

Did you know....

Contamination is the cause of around 85% of hydraulic system failures?

Info on hydraulic contamination control

What type of contamination?

  • In-built contamination from the manufacture and assembly process
  • Abrasive wear debris produced from components during both normal and abnormal operations
  • Ingressed and added contamination from external sources, improper maintenance, replenishment of system fluid

What effect does this contamination have on your hydraulic system?

  • Catastrophic Failures - occurring suddenly and without warning
  • Transient Failures - short-lived and often go unnoticed but can have disastrous consequences
  • Degradation Failures - gradual deterioration resulting in repair or replacements being needed

What is the solution?

To protect against preventable failures, effective contamination control is key:

  • Select the correct hydraulic filter (which one will depend on your hydraulic system and the working environment)
  • Review the system design and assembly procedure
  • Flush the hydraulic system before releasing into the field
  • Stress importance of contamination control for maintenance procedures and service intervals
  • Use the Parker Filtration 6 Channel CM20 (Portable Particle Counter)
  • If a failure has already occurred, call the Branch Hydraulic Systems' Site-Servicing Team on 01452 730 562 or email enquiries@grouphes.com