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Oil and Fuel Spillage Handling Guide

When working with hydraulic oils, fuel and other solvents, spills are, unfortunately, almost inevitable.

Oil and Fuel Spill Kits

Below is a spill handling guide to follow when you are faced with a spill. 

  1. Move away and get help - Evacuate the area and notify others working nearby and get help!
  2. Make the area safe - Restrict access; seal off area by means of tape or notice. 
  3. Look for Injuries - Check yourself and those working nearby for any type of injury
  4. Identify the hazard - Try to identify the spillage, it may help you to deal with the spill more effectively
  5. Fetch a Spill Kit - You should keep these nearby and its location should be known to all the relevant personnel
  6. Suit up! - You should put on appropriate personal protective clothing to deal with the spill, double -check its effectiveness
  7. Prevent further contamination - Try to cut off the source of the spill or place the leaking container in the drip tray
  8. Contain the spill - Encircle the spill with socks and if possible attempt to reduce the area of the spill. These items will also start to absorb the spill. 
  9. Clean up the spill - Place absorbent pads in the centre of the spill to absorb the pooled liquid
  10. Disposal - Place used absorbents in a disposal bag, seal in a container and mark with contents. Dispose of in accordance with local regulations for the liquid absorbed. 

If you need any further assistance please feel free to call your nearest branch on Gloucester - 01452 730 774, Birmingham - 0121 327 2664, Durham - 0191 410 6619, Leeds - 0113 270 7295 or email enquiries@grouphes.com 

Make sure you have the absorbent pads to hand in the event of a spill you don't have time to go and find or buy them! you can stock up here - spill kits available to buy online