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Why choose Webtec?

Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets Webtec Team


Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets have been a distributor for Webtec Products Ltd since 1980!

That's 40 years of strategic partnership!


Webtec is a long-established UK manufacturer of hydraulic components for use across many industries including; mobile, industrial and agricultural. They have been helping users of their products worldwide to verify hydraulic conditions, diagnose hydraulic faults and achieve repeatable hydraulic control for over 50 years.


Webtec is committed to creating innovative products that provide solutions for customers and Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets are fully integrated with that commitment, which is why our relationship has remained so strong after so many years.


But why should that make you choose to buy Webtec products from us?


When you purchase a Webtec control valve or hydraulic test and measurement equipment from Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets you can rest assured knowing that the product you have has been designed, developed and improved over time to meet the requirements of its users first time and that Webtec listen to feedback from customers when improving and developing their product portfolio to ensure they deliver a better service.


Webtec has 2 distinctive hydraulic design and manufacturing arms:


Hydraulic Control Valves - suitable for numerous applications and including priority, pressure compensated and spool type dividers, pressure and directional control valves.


Test and Monitoring Equipment - available as both portable and fixed, the range includes portable testers, flowmeters, pressure transducers, temperature sensors, speed sensors, pressure test kits, hydraulic data acquisition and display systems.


When you consider the range of products available from Webtec, the length of time they have been running within the hydraulic industry as a hydraulic component and test and monitoring instrument manufacturer and the company ethos around putting the customer at the forefront of everything they do, from designing the intitial concept of a hydraulic valve right through to making minor improvements to products that have existed in their portfolio for some time, you can really start to see how much value is added to your purchase with Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets. Add into the mix the technical expertise offered by HES, being able to talk you through which Webtec Control Valve is best suited to your application is just one of many strings in our bow, our large stock holding capacity on Webtec products and our next day delivery (to mainland UK addresses) on stocked products, and the choice to purchase a Webtec product from HES becomes even more appealing.


But what about the products themselves?

Why should you choose a Webtec control valve over one of their competitors, for example?



Webtec VFD50 variable priority flow divider

Let's look at the humble Webtec VFD50, a 3-port pressure compensated variable priority flow divider. The VFD50 has been designed with simplicity for the user in mind and, in many instances, it dispenses the need for another pump to operate a second system by splitting the single input flow into a 'priority' (regulated) flow and a 'by-pass' (excess) flow, which can be returned directly to the oil reservoir or power a second system. It is obvious that making things as simple and efficient as possible for the end user has been a big influence in the design of this product due to the clearly marked hand-dial, which permits fast visual adjustments to predetermined 'priority' flow and fast, easy adjustment of the 'priority' circuit to meet varying requirements. It is also pressure compensated, permitting both 'priority' and 'by-pass' flows to be used simultaneously at varying pressures without affecting the priority flow rate.


Webtec have designed the VFD50 to be as simple as possible while giving the user as much control as possible within their system, allowing for space-saving capabilities, increased control over the flow within the system as well as faster adjustments by the end user being achievable and this carries through into the rest of their control valve products.



Webtec RFIK Series mechanical hydraulic tester

Now let's look at their test and monitoring equipment, using the RFIK Series Mechanical Hydraulic Tester (one of our most popular hydraulic test and monitoring products available at Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets) as an example. The RFIK is a low cost mechanical hydraulic tester, which also allows reverse flow. It measures flow, pressure and temperature and is housed in an ergonomic, strong steel case with a removable lid. The unit itself is self-contained and requires no electrical power, meaning it is truly portable. Webtec have designed the RFIK to be as simple and efficient for the end user to operate as possible and this is shown through the use of clear and easy to read dials and the simplicity of the installation, which allows the test kit to be connected into either the pressure or return lines.

Another example of the end user being in the forefront of Webtecs mind during the design of the RFIK is the use of their 'INTERPASS' system, which protects the system and operator against accidental over-pressure in both flow directions. The RFIK Series mechanical hydraulic tester is designed to provide the operator with quick, accurate and simple performance testing of pumps, motors, valves, steering systems, cylinders and complete hydraulic circuits. Small and compact, the RFIK is very much a durable, efficient, easy to use and portable hydraulic tester, following through on Webtecs aim to manufacture products that are as efficient, reliable, durable and simple to use as possible for end users.


This customer-orientated approach to the design of all their products, making things as efficient and user-friendly as possible, really makes Webtec products stand out from the crowd and why so many Webtec product users return to the brand when choosing their next control valves or test and monitoring equipment.


So why should you choose Webtec control valves and monitoring equipment?


Put quite simply, because they choose you, the customer, as their inspiration when designing, improving and manufacturing their products - aiming to make them work the way you need them to work, first time, every time.



For more information on the Webtec range of control valves and test and monitoring equipment or to place an order, contact the Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets dedicated Webtec Team via email: webtec@hydraulicequipment.net or call 01452 730774 and one of our technical experts will talk you through the various options available to suit your application, if required.