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Why is my Skip Loader operating slowly?

Is your skip loader suffering from slow operation? Is your hook loader's slow speed driving you mad?

The first thought is often that you might have a problem with your pump. However,  it may not necessarily be a pump problem. Chris Jaggard from HES Tractec, the skip parts experts, explains below what else could be causing your speed issue.

  • Revs on demand not kicking in (1200 -1300rpm req.)
  • Tank shut off valve not fully open
  • Tank filter bypassing
  • Relief valve partially open
  • PTO clutch plates slipping (wet clutch pto only)
  • Main ram seal failure
  • Hydraulic system restriction
  • Overcentre cartridges leaking

Possible causes of these problems:

  • No signal from the pressure switch to the chassis system / water ingress / damaged signal wire / damaged switch terminals / blown fuse
  • Shut off valve handle is not in line with the suction/ feed hose.
  • Blocked filter
  • Broken relief valve spring
  • Worn clutch plates
  • Worn or damaged seal / rod / cylinder
  • Ingress of debris in the system
  • Worn spring / seals in the overcentre cartridge


Ok you've figured out (hopefully) what is wrong with your skip loader, now how to fix it? Some possible solutions might be: 

  • Replace switch, fuse or cable.
  • Make sure the valve handle is fully open
  • Replace the filter (should be done annually)
  • Replace the relief cartridge
  • Replace the clutch plates
  • Main ram seals - Refer to our tech support team for advice.
  • Flush the system.
  • Replace the overcentre cartridges (refer to our tech support team for advice)


If you are struggling to figure out the cause of the slow operation, or any other skip parts query, you can contact our product specialist Chris Jaggard on 07980 319008 or cjaggard@grouphes.com or the general HES Tractec team on 01452 733106 or enquiries@grouphes.com You can also visit our website where there are many skip parts listed