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Preparing for Spring/Summer Seasons


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Winter is, allegedly, drawing to a close and Spring will soon be upon us.


For some, this will be a welcome relief, the promise of warmer weather and holiday countdowns.


For others it will mean the ramping up of preparations to ensure that their equipment, vehicles, crops, livestock etc. are all ready for what lies ahead.


Here at HES Tractec we like to help our agricultural and off-highway machinery customers whenever possible; whether that is on the phone with expert technical advice, via email by identifying unknown damaged or worn components and advising on the correct replacements, or via our chat facility on the website - talking customers through the right solution to their application in real time.


With the change of season approaching, we thought we could outline a few things that you either already have done, have planned or may be worth considering to help prepare for the months ahead as well as the ways in which HES Tractec can help you with them.


Clean your machine

You've probably either placed your machine in storage over winter or it's been out grafting and working in the wet, muddy weather. Around about now would be the ideal time to give it a good, thorough clean: inside and out. This will help prevent detritus build up and keep your machine running for longer. HES Tractec have access to a broad range of pressure washing equipment, liquids - such as traffic film remover and screen wash, and accessories - so get in touch and we'll help you bring a shine back to your tractor, telehandler, hook loader or other agricultural, construction or off-highway machinery.


Check Fluids (including levels)

Whether your machinery has been in storage or in constant use through winter, it is always wise to check fluids and their levels before increased workload to ensure your machine is "fighting fit" for the task(s) ahead. If fluids are dirty or contaminated, flush them out and replace with new/clean. HES Tractec can help with access to a wide range of fluids, oils and lubricants that you may require, such as AdBlue, transmission fluids, ATF (Dexron 2), gear oils and anti-freeze. Click the link or contact us for more information or to make a purchase.


Check Seals

It is always wise, ahead of prolonged periods of usage, to check the integrity of hydraulic (or other) seals on machinery to ensure that no signs of wear or damage are present. The last thing that is needed during a busy period is for a seal to fail, potentially increasing the amount of damage or repair costs. HES Tractec can supply a huge range of seals for most types of machinery, including door and window seals for Matbro and other types of agricultural or off-highway vehicles. View the Seals page of our sister company - HES - for information on hydraulic seals, or call or email the Tractec team for more information, assistance in identifying the correct seals required or to make a purchase.


Check Oil/Service Machinery

Oil levels/quality should be checked regularly as part of ongoing maintenance plans. But, before heavy periods of use, it would be wise to check again to ensure it is at optimum levels and of acceptable quality. If your oil appears contaminated or dirty, empty the system and replace with new and clean oil. We recommend this is done at the same time as a service on the machinery, checking major components for damage and wear also. If you require new oil or parts due to wear or damage, get in touch with the team and we will ensure you get the genuine parts and/or quality oil you require. HES Tractec can supply various types of hydraulic oils including; HVI 46, ISO 32 and ISO 22 and 68, as well as Super Universal Tractor Oils, Semi Synthetic engine oils and much more.


Change Filters

Due to the recent floods that have caused major issues in parts of the UK, many agricultural or off-highway machinery may have been forced to drive through water-logged roads, fields or other areas. It would be wise, therefore, to change the filters within the machinery to help protect it further against contamination as they may have become damaged or worn as a result of water ingress. HES Tractec can supply filters for most types of off-highway, construction or agricultural machinery, such as fuel filters, air filters, hydraulic filters and more, so get in touch with us for your replacement filters.


Grease and oil axles, hubs, drives and prop shafts

Over winter roads, and perhaps workplaces, would have been salted to prevent ice forming and there definitely has been a fair share of mud spread around, so it would be beneficial to grease and oil any and all components requiring lubrication or extra protection from the elements to help prevent further corrosion, wear or damage from the salt, mud and water that has been in plentiful supply recently. If you require lubricants and oils to protect your equipment, we can supply this as well as genuine replacement parts from global manufacturers such as Carraro, ZF, Dana Spicer and also customised Comer Industries gearbox assembly in our purpose-built workshop at HES Tractec.


Life, uh, finds a way...

Things are beginning to grow more rapidly again and, therefore, will require cutting back or managing. HES Tractec can provide a range of Comer Topper Boxes to help assist with this. Click the link for more information or contact the experts at HES Tractec for advice or to make a purchase.



Many of you reading this will likely either have already started much of the above or have it planned into your schedule. But HES Tractec can help with all the above preparations. If you require any further assistance or advice, product information or need to purchase anything mentioned please do not hesitate to call your agricultural and off-highway component experts at HES Tractec.


HES Tractec

Tel: 01452 733106

Email: ag@grouphes.com