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Customised solutions for your application


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Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets have over 50 years experience within the fluid power industry and in that time have acquired industry-leading expertise across a vast range of products.


Trusted by customers and global hydraulic component manufacturing brands alike, such as Danfoss, Parker, Webtec, Duplomatic and many more, HES can provide the most suitable hydraulic component for your application.


We have access to a rich and varied product portfolio through our official distributorships with major manufacturers as well as through our sister companies within the Fluid Power Group, and our Technical Team, made up of expert specialists from within the hydraulic industry, can talk through the various options with you to find the right solution for you and your business, whether you require a replacement filter for an obsolete model, unsure as to which motor would best suit your needs or need to discuss what kind of valve is most appropriate for the function you need it to carry out, the HES Technical Team are there to help.


Customised hydraulic components assembled to your specifications 


Along with being able to offer thousands of product lines directly off the shelf, with next day delivery available on stocked products to mainland UK addresses, Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets are also able to offer a broad range of fully customisable components that we can assemble in our purpose-built workshop within our head office in Gloucester.


Danfoss PVG Valve

Danfoss PVG Valve builds

The PVG family of valves allows you to combine multiple valves of up to four different sizes into a single, fully integrated solution with the widest flow range on the market, to achieve the results and efficiencies of your applications demand.

Over 1 million valve stack combination possibilities for your customised solution.

Strong, smooth and consistent performance for your most complex functions.

All in an optimised, easy to install package.

The Danfoss PVG valve is a truly flexible solution for you hydraulic system control requirements.

In our workshop we can assemble PVG 32, 100 and 120 valve combinations for manual, electric and hydraulic operation and can tailor performance levels to your application with single or multiple module units made to coordinate with your choice of components, functions and features.


Hy-Pro Sectional Valve 

Hy-Pro Sectional Valves

Hy-Pro's range of valve assemblies can be built to your required specification.

Designed for pressures up to 250bar with two, three and four position spool control options and a range of spool types with various flow rate options, the Hy-Pro Sectional Valve can be customised to suit the needs of your application and cal also be assembled with solenoid control, if required.


Monoblock Valve 

Monoblock Valves

Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets have been selling monoblock valves for decades and the monoblock valves that we sell are made to a high standard with options of one, two, three, four, five or six banks available and with or without a carryover port.


Danfoss Orbital Motor 

Danfoss Orbital Motors

Danfoss Orbital hydraulic motors operate on the principle of an internal gear rotating within a fixed external gear. The internal gear transmits the torque generated by the application of pressure from the hydraulic oil fed into the motor. This is then delivered via the motor's output shaft. Typical applications for these motors are winch drives, mixer drives, elevator drives, small vehicle transmissions and machine tools.

Danfoss Orbital Motors have been developed and improved over several decades by the global hydraulic components company and can be used in numerous applications including; agricultural equipment, forklifts and other lifting equipment, machine tools, construction equipment, road building, marine applications, forestry equipment and much, much more.

Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets can build from stock and guide you through the many variables and adaptations to ensure you match the right Danfoss Orbital Motor with your specific application.

Choosing the correct capacity of motor for your application will ensure an almost constant output torque across the operating speed range.

The standard mounting is the widely used SAE, a two hole flange, but we can also build units with the USA type 4 hole tapped flange.


Turolla Gear Pump 

Gear Pumps

Gear pumps use the meshing of gears to pump fluid by displacement. They are one of the most common types of pumps for hydraulic fluid power applications and are normally stated in group 1, 2 or 3 with various options available and flow rates from 0.25cc to 90cc per rev and working pressures up to 250bar as well as speeds up to 4000rpm.

Pumps can be coupled together to produce double or triple units and are available with four hole 'European' mounted flanges with a variety of spigots and output shafts or can be supplied with SAE mountings.

HES can also design the capacities of the units as motors, if required, by altering the direction of rotation.




Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets can custom build both mechanically or electrically operated pump and motor clutches.

Operating the manual lever engages or disengages a gear drive that transmits torque to the hydraulic pump or motor.

The electrical control egnages or disengages a friction clutch that transmits torque to the hydraulic pump or motor.

Typical applications for such clutches are when the hydraulic supply is only required for a short period of time, such as pump drives on fishing vessels or refuse vehicles.

Clutches are supplied with parellel keyed input shafts and the bearing package within the assembly provides for substantial side loads.

HES can supply the units to be front flange or foot mounted with either 12v or 24v signal operation which should be activated in an 'off-load' condition and can also be supplied with flanged or pulley inputs to suit customers' requirements.


Comer Planetary Gearbox 

Gear Boxes

Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets can also arrange, through our sister company HES Tractec, assembly of Comer Industries Planetary Gear Boxes.

Planetary Gear Boxes are so named because of the similarities in movement to that of the solar system. A planetary gearbox consists of a centre gear, the sun, and an out ring gear, the annulus. There are also the planet gears, which rotate between them on a carrier, meshing with the annulus and the sun gear. You can change which gear remains fixed and which you use as an in and an output, therefore producing a wide range of possible gear ratios.

If you require a compact, lightweight and stable solution, with high torque to weight capabilities then a planetary gearbox could be the right choice for you. The efficiency value tends to also be very high in planetary drives, with average values ranging from approx. 0.97 to 0.98. It is a rugged choice of gearbox because the planet gears rotate inside the annulus rather than outside and because loads are split over the carriers the torque capacity is greater than most types of gearboxes.

The modular nature of the planetary drives means that they can be combined with other gear systems, e.g. bevel gears, to provide an optimum solution and can be customised to suit your application. Therefore, there is very little limit to their application.


Customised Component Kits 

In addition to the assembly of customised hydraulic components, as described above, Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets can also supply you with complete, customised component kits for your business using your own part numbers, making each spare parts kit unique to you and your business. You supply information on the components that make up each kit, along with the part numbers you want allocated to them and we will make the kits up for you and ship them to you however you'd like.


The above component builds are just a few examples of the customisation that Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets can provide for you. We can do so much more than this and, in cooperation with our sister company Branch Hydraulic Systems, can offer a full hydraulic system design, build, installation and service as well as other individual custom component builds.



If you require any of the above product builds or need another customisable solution get in touch with the Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets Technical Team via email: techteam@hydraulicequipment.net or call 01452 730774 and we will discuss your requirements and build your components to your precise specifications and can also offer advice on the best customisable options to suit your specific application, if required.