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Fixed Displacement Gear Pumps

Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets offer an excellent selection of best-in-class Turolla Gear Pumps and Parker Gear Pumps.

Gear pumps use the meshing of gears to pump fluid by displacement. They are one of the most common types of pumps for hydraulic fluid power applications. Gear pumps are normally stated in group 1, 2 & 3 and have various options available, with flow rates from 0.25cc to 90cc per rev and working pressure up to 250bar, as well as speeds up to 4000 rpm.

Flow is worked out in the following calculation: speed (input) x displacement divided by 1000 = litres per minute. Gear pumps are available in clockwise & anti-clockwise rotation port options ar BSSP or SAE Flanged shafts are either tapered, parallel or splined.

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