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Bondioli and Pavesi

Bondioli and Pavesi is a progressive Italian Group, known for quality and engineering expertise.


Bondioli and Pavesi manufacture, through subsidiaries, a wide range of hydraulic components, extensively used in the agriculture, construction and mobile market sectors.

Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets are pleased to be a major distributor for the following Bondioli and Pavesi subsidiaries:


Din-Oil:  Din-Oil designs and manufactures 3 families of directional control valves.

  • Monoblock valves from 1-6 sections, 3/8”,1/2”,3/4” and 1” ports, flows to 150 lpm. Various control options available, including manual, electric, air, hydraulic and cable, extensive spool options also available.


  • Sectional valves, 1-10 sections,3/8”, ½” and ¾”, flows to 130lits/min. Various control and spool options as per the monoblocks also integrated valves such as solenoid dump valve in the inlet section, anti-cavitation, shock and service line relief valves.


  • Stackable proportional and on/off electrically operated valves, load sensed, open and closed centre, 3/8” and ½”, flows to 100lits/min. Various spool options, 1-10 sections, with many integrated valve options available.


Fira: Fira designs and manufactures air blast oil coolers.

Available with an AC or DC electric motor or hydraulic motor prime movers. A full range of standard catalogue units are available, input flows up to 500lits/min, max heat dissipation 90kw.


HP Hydraulics: HP designs and manufactures hydraulic joysticks and foot pedal controllers.

Used in the control of valves and pumps. There are single and double axes available and a full range of feeder units.


Bima: Bima designs and manufactures a full range of standard catalogue pump drives, ranging from 3 to 100kw.

There are various ratios, output and input shaft configurations and pump mounting flanges and are available in aluminium and cast iron versions. Larger units are available with multiple pump outputs, suitable for direct mounting onto an SAE engine interface.


Our website is currently just an overview of the products that we supply so for more information, prices or to buy contact us today

Please email enquiries@grouphes.com or call your Bondioli Distributor on 01452 730774

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