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PTO Boxes

Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets have been selling PTO gearboxes for decades! 

These are agricultural P.T.O gearboxes for pump drives. They are suitable for use with Gear Pumps from Group 2 to Group 3.5. 

PTO boxes use a gear ratio to increase the speed of a drive from a tractor PTO to a higher speed more suite to hydraulic pumps. 

Typical Applications are when the oil flows and pressures required to drive the implements or machinery cannot be obtained from the existing tractor hydraulic system. 

PTO gearboxes use EP80 gear oil, which is ideally suited for normal applications. However, regular oil changes and attention to oil levels will help to extend unit life. 

Whilst PTO boxes can be used for continuous duty applications care should be taken not to exceed the thermal capacity of the gearbox. In certain applications, it is possible to use hydraulic oil to continuously flush the gearbox and thereby increase its effective thermal capacity. 

Gearboxes are supplied with either a male or female tractor PTO input shaft. The units provide a step ratio of 3.5:1 and conform to the SAE standard J 178D. The pump inputs are available confirming to either SAE or European four bolt standards. It will be necessary to fit a suitable torque arm or PTO shaft between the gearbox and tractor transmission. 

Please see the below products for a list of PTO boxes that are available to buy online. If what you need is not listed please email enquiries@grouphes.com or call 01452 730774