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Off-Line Filtration

Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets are your industry experts when it comes to off-line filtration and is able to offer technical advice on a wide range of options.

Off-line filters are used to pre-filter new oil when entering it into the hydraulic system or to clean up dirty/used oil to a standard that it can be used again. These filters can be 110v, 240v or 24v supply. The micron ratings can be changed depending on the cleanliness level that is required. Most current versions have an electrical cut off switch linked to the motor so it can be left to run by itself. There are 2 types available:-

  • Smaller handheld units – (10-15 l/min) – for example Parker Filtration Guardian, MP Filtri GRF100
  • Larger sack truck type – (30-40 l/min) – for example Parker Filtration 10MFP, MP Filtri  GRF30

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