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Power Transmission

Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets offer an extensive range of power transmission parts.

We supply a number of components for motor pump units and can assemble them in our workshop. We stock a huge range of drive couplings (for gear pumps and electric motors), bellhousings (and couplings), PTO Boxes, clutches, spiders and sleeves.

We offer a range of monoblock bellhousings suitable for motor sizes from D63 to D180. The bellhousings & couplings are cast in aluminium alloy and the drive couplings are fitted with polyurethane spider type elements.

Our drive couplings are available in metric and imperial bore varieties, along with our coupling kits, are compatible with a number of branded pumps. We can supply a large range of monoblock & modular type bellhousings & couplings to fit a wide selection of SAE & ISO standard flanged pumps. These bellhousings are available for motor sizes from D80 to D400.

We can also offer a selection of bellhousings & couplings to be fitted with petrol and diesel engines rather than electric motors. These are available for use with either gear pumps or ISO/SAE standard flanges.

There is also a range of sleeve type drive couplings that are available in high-quality steel for general industrial applications or AISI 316 stainless steel for severe chemical applications.

We can offer a lot more than we show online so for more information on our full range of power transmission components, please do not hesitate to contact our specialists now, please email enquiries@grouphes.com or call 01452 730774


Customised solutions for your application

Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets can also custom build hydraulic components, including power transmission parts, to your specific requirements. We have a purpose-built workshop at our head office in which we assemble numerous customised components built to customers precise specifications and can provide you with a tailor-made solution to your unique application.

Learn more about our customised hydraulic component solutions.


If you require further, expert technical advice with your order, need assistance in ensuring you are choosing the best power transmission parts for your application, need help identifying a replacement part but don't have all the information available, need a replacement for an obsolete model, or require a customised solutions for your application, talk to our Technical Team, consisting of experts within their field in the hydraulic industry, who will be more than happy to help! techteam@grouphes.com