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Fixed Displacement Pumps

Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets have an excellent range of fixed displacement pumps for you to choose from. 

Fixed displacement pumps displace a set amount of fluid per rotation, so when the circuit requires a steady constant in terms of speed and flow rate, a fixed displacement pump is the right choice. Flow control valves will manage the speed of the hydraulic actuators and the flow rate,  so the pump is set to provide the maximum amount of fluid. 

If the maximum amount of fluid is not needed, the remainder will be reused by the system and will increase in heat.  

For help selecting your fixed displacement pump or for any technical support call the team today on 01452 730774 or alternatively email the team enquiries@grouphes.com 


Or, if you require further, expert technical advice with your order, need assistance in ensuring you are choosing the best hydraulic pump for your application, or need help identifying a replacement part but don't have all the information available talk to our Technical Team, consisting of experts within their field in the hydraulic industry, who will be more than happy to help! techteam@grouphes.com