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Clamps and Accessories

At Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets, we carry a vast range of clamps and accessories at each of our branches and in our central warehouse in Gloucester.

We offer a high-quality range of tube clamps that come complete with the clamp body, weld plate and clamping screws. The clamp body is two equal halves with a ribbed bore; this enables secure fixing to the metal tube or hydraulic hose assemblies.

The standard series of clamps has a working temperature range of -30°C to +90°C with impact stress limit of DIN 53453 NO BREAK and the ultimate bending stress of DIN 53452 54N/MM2. Here at Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets we also offer Twin Series and Heavy Duty clamps.

As well as clamps we also stock and sell a vast catalogue of components parts, which includes the bolts for standard-, twin- and heavy series (which also includes the stacking bolts), bayonet nuts, stacking nuts and studs, and mounting adaptors and rails.

We can help with a lot more than what is listed here so please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to start your order, email us on enquiries@grouphes.com or call 01452 730774. 

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Picture of Tube Clamps Standard Series
From £1.30
Picture of Tube Clamps Twin Series
From £1.48
Picture of Tube Clamps Heavy Series
From £5.12