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Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets have been Parker distributors for decades and are able to provide our customers with Parkers innovative iprotect® series of hydraulic filtration products.


For more information of any of the Parker iprotect® range of filters, or for price and availability,

email: enquiries@hydraulicequipment.net or call 01452 730774.


See links at the bottom of this page for product information on Parkers iprotect® range of hydraulic filters.




With Parkers iprotect® range, safety is imbedded in the product design.


Benefits of iprotect® include:


  • Guaranteed quality of filtration improves the integral safety and lifetime of equipment and components.
  • Standard and customised filter media grades for dedicated conditioning of the oil.
  • iprotect® filters are ATEX classified.
  • Integrated solutions to minimise potential leakage points, including zero-leakage bypass.
  • High filter media efficiency to provide maximum protection to critical systems.
  • Optional integrated Condition Monitoring for continuous system monitoring.
  • Remote controlled functions of filter and condition monitoring.
  • Improved filtration efficiency lowers wear and tear processes at comparable element lifetime.


Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets customers purchasing Parkers iprotect® benefit from reduced environmental impact as well as saving energy:


  • Maximum use of reusable components like element core and bypass valve.
  • Only the contaminated element pleatpack requires replacement.
  • Over 50% lower disposal cost for end users.
  • Easy change of filter element reducing oil leakage over 40%
  • Disposable parts can be fully incinerated. iprotect® supports ISO4001.
  • iprotect® filter housings have optimised flow paths and low initial pressure loss across the element to minimise energy consumption.
  • iprotect® filter elements apply an optional outer core with unique perforation pattern, optimising flow distribution across the filter element.
  • Unique pleat technology optimises the flow distribution of the hydraulic fluid through the filter media.


iprotect® also enables compact solutions:


  • Bypass valve and element core as integral part of filter bowl.
  • Only one cavity needed for manifold block to accommodate the iprotect® filter.
  • Filter element remains in filter bowl during element change, less space needed to service the filter.
  • Modular building block approach ensures low cost integration of iprotect® filters with valve islands, manifold blocks or pumps.
  • Condition monitoring option being integrated in filter housing module.


Using iprotect® products offers improved serviceability:


  • Genuine OEM parts available.
  • High quality print for customising OEM genuine parts, improving the look of the element and brand equity.
  • Easy change of filter element, no risk of making mistakes.
  • Reducing service time by 50% for filters supports lower cost of ownership.
  • Customised filter element lifetime to meet specific OEM service intervals.
  • Keep performance and reliability of equipment at a high level by using patented iprotect® filter elements.



iprotect® filter ranges include:


EMDPF Series

EMDPF Series

The EMDPF Series utilises the unique patented iprotect® element. This manually operated duplex range covers flow rates up to 320 l/min at 420 bar.

Parker seal technology ensures leakage-free operation of the ball valve, enabling safe replacement of filter elements when the system is in operation.

Parker duplex filters are supplied as standard with integrated equalising line.


EADPF Series

EADPF Series

The EADPF Series utilises the unique patented iprotect® element. This manually operated duplex range covers flow rates up to 320 l/min at 350 bar.

This filter is based on a patented Parker design, allowing complete automatic change-over of the duplex filter. The EADPF is ideal for applications where service engineers cannot directly operate the duplex filter, for example for remote or hazardous applications.


EPF Series

EPF Series

The Parker EPF iprotect® in-line filters are suitable for flow capacity up to 700 l/min at 450 bar working pressure. A wide variety of bypass settings, filter medias, indicators and filter heads represent a dedicated fit to your system.

More compact solutions are possible because the filter element remains inside the filter bowl during service events.


GMF Series

GMF Series

The Parker GMF iprotect® are suitable for flow capacity up to 600 l/min at 70 bar working pressure and are a compact, cost effective pressure filter.

The GMF iprotect® Series medium pressure filters' list of applications has a common factor, the need for an economical, medium pressure range filter with excellent fatigue pressure ratings. Prior to the availability of the GMF filter, applications were restricted by limitations of a spin-on can, or forced into the higher-cost range of high pressure filters. The GMF series fills this gap and is now available with environmentally friendly iprotect® elements.


If you would like more information on Parkers iprotect® range of hydraulic filters, see below PDF information links.

Or, if you would like to discuss the range, prices and availability with one of our filtration experts

email: enquiries@hydraulicequipment.net or call: 01452 730774.


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