Parker (Dowty) PGP505 Gear Pumps

Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets have been official distributors of the Dowty Gear Pump since 1968. Dowty Hydraulics Cheltenham was formed in 1935 by Sir George Dowty. The Dowty Gear Pump is now made by Parker and HES continues to sell the Parker Gear Pump series. 

The Dowty gear pump has been continued to be made by several different companies - The time line of the Dowty pump starts with Dowty Hydraulics, then it is made by Ultra Hydraulics , next Commercial Hydraulics and most recently Parker Gear Pumps.

Your current Gear Pump that needs replacing maybe classified as 0P,1P,2P,3P which are the old style Dowty Powerline Series Pumps. The new Aluminium High Pressure Parker Pumps are series 502, 505, 511 and 517. The range consists of high and low speed gear pumps, speed 0.5 – 13,000 RPM, up to 15,000 PSI. 

The Dowty/Parker Gear Pump remains an integral part of the Hydraulic Equipment Supermarket's portfolio because it continues to provide excellent performance, high efficiency, true wear compensation and long service life. 

For more information - please see our Gear Pump Video on YouTube seen below. To place an order email or call your local branch (number can be found on our Contact Page)

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