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Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets are proud distributors for the British manufacturing company Hy-Pro.


Hy-Pro manufactures a full range of ancillary valves, ranging from manual and electrical controlled 6 port diverters to line mounted relief, p o check, flow divider and diverter valves. Hy-Pro also designs and manufactures market specific valves such as hose reel, recovery trucks and log splitter applications.

Hy-Pro`s range includes three sizes of sectional valves, 3/8”, ½” and ¾” and are available with manual and electrical controls.

Various spool options and control functions are available as well as additions such as integrated flow control sections, solenoid dump valve in the inlet section, cross-line relief and pilot operated check valves in the service ports and hpco facility.



Since 1967 Hydraulic Projects, under its brand name Hy-Pro, have been designing and manufacturing high quality and reliable hydraulic control valves in the UK. Their products are used across a wide spectrum of markets including agriculture, construction, marine and off –highway.

In their own words “Hy-Pro is delighted to have HES as an ‘Approved’ stocking distributor of our British designed and manufactured sectional control valves.” This partnership dates back to 1979 and is still going strong today.

For more information on the Hy-Pro range of valves please email enquiries@grouphes.com or call your HyPro Distributor on 01452 730 774

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