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Magnom designs and manufactures patented magnetic filtration products, filters which Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets are proud to officially distribute in the UK.


Magnom’s filters remove even tiny particles using magnetic force, which attracts away the contaminants. The technology of these filters is revolutionary and reduces the risk of your machine failing and limits its downtime, thus saving you time and money.


Magnom’s filters are able to achieve this with very little drop in pressure and minimal restriction to flow. All Magnom products can be fitted easily, either at the initial build stage or fitted into existing systems.  


Hydraulic pumps are a critical element of any hydraulic circuit and Magnom’s Pump Mate helps protect these pumps. These innovative magnetic suction strainers are low maintenance filters that reduce the risk of pump cavitation.


Our website is currently just an overview of the products that we supply so for more information, prices or to buy contact us today. 

Please email enquiries@grouphes.com or call your Magnom Distributor on 01452 730774