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Turolla, a member of the Danfoss group, offers a wide range of aluminium and cast iron gear products.

 The Turolla range consists of:

  • Five families of aluminium gear pumps, (Groups 0.5,1,2, 3 and 4),

  • Three families of aluminium gear motors, (Groups 1, 2 and 3)

  • A range of cast iron units (Group 2.5), capacities ranging from 0.25cc/rev to 194.3cc/rev.


Various shaft and flange combinations are available. Turolla's range of products are used extensively in the construction, off-highway, agriculture and industrial market sectors. You can increase the flexibility of your pump by combining multiple pumps of any group, thus giving you numerous possible combinations. You can also use different oils with your multiple pumps as they allow oil separation.

Turolla also manufactures aluminium motors for Fan Drive applications, these motors are fitted with an integral dust cover and a cast iron rear cover incorporating a proportional pressure relief valve. An extended pump life can be expected by choosing Turolla’s pumps and motors, whose pressure-balanced design combined with its one piece gear/shaft construction and the use of hydrodynamic journal bearings provides high efficiency and low leakage. 


Our website is currently just an overview of the products that we supply so for more information, prices or to buy contact us today.

Please email enquiries@grouphes.com or call your Turolla Distributor on 01452 730774




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